Before BenBefore Ben (Wilde Ways #3) by Cynthia Eden


Synopsis: Enemies make the best lovers.

It was a one night stand with her worst enemy. Ben Wilde was cocky, charming, and sexy as the best sin. He was also Courtney McKenna’s weakness. Every single inch of his muscled perfection was trouble and temptation. They’d sparred in the courtroom more times than she could count, and the tension between them had always been red-hot. One night should have been all she needed to get the guy out of her head and her dreams. Only…it wasn’t.

Because before Ben, life was easy. Life after Ben? Hot. Dark. And dangerous.

Courtney tries to fight her scorching desire for Ben even as they plan to face-off in court once again. Even as they fight for power. But once you cross some lines, there is no going back. And Ben doesn’t plan to let her go anywhere.

He’s had a taste, but Ben wants a whole lot more.

Ben Wilde has never believed that opposites attract, but there is something about button-downed, prim and proper Courtney that has always driven him wild. And when he gets her in his bed, the attraction he feels for her changes into a sensual obsession. Sure, they can be enemies in the courtroom, but in the bedroom, they are meant to be something else entirely.

Be careful what you want…

Someone out there doesn’t want Ben to have Courtney. Someone who will do anything to stop their attraction. But that predator in the dark is messing with the wrong man. When it comes to Courtney’s safety, Ben will break every rule in the book. He will stop pretending to be nice and show the world just how wicked and dangerous he can truly be. Because Courtney is his, and Ben will play dirty, he’ll play rough, and he will destroy anyone who threatens her.

Author’s Note: BEFORE BEN is a complete, stand-alone novel (no cliffhangers). It features one cocky but charming hero who will be brought to his knees, one heroine who will fight fiercely for exactly what she wants, and plenty of dark danger and twists thrown in for fun. Like a sexy story with chills and thrills? This is for you.

Review: These Wilde stories are always intense and entertaining and explosive. Book 3 doesn’t disappoint. This one focuses on Ben, Piper’s best-friend, who we met in book one and Courtney, someone that Ben has known since Law school. He has done a great job making her think he doesn’t like her and that he is a one-and-done kind of guy, but when he finds out she is in danger, he works extra hard to prove to her it was all a façade and that there isn’t anyone better to watch her back or her heart. I loved their story; I read it start to finish in about two sittings, which I haven’t done for a book in ages. Life seems to be getting more and more in the way of my drug of choice—reading. 😉 But this one I had to stick with till the end, nothing else mattered; it was that good. The whole series has been that good.  If you want explosive action and passion that is off the chart, check out the Wilde brothers and their Wilde Security Firm. Hot. Hot. Hot. From start to finish.

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