Texas WildcatTexas Wildcat (Wild Texas Nights #3) by Adrienne deWolfe


Synopsis: Zack Rawlins didn’t become the youngest president of the Bandera County Cattlemen’s Association by backing down from a challenge. So when beautiful, but hot-tempered sheepherder Bailey McShane barged into the cattlemen’s saloon and accused them of stealing precious water from her land, he waded into the fray… and came out is a heap of trouble. With drought-stricken Bandera County on the brink of a range war, no self-respecting cattlemen would be caught dead taking sides with a woman who raises sheep—but Zack can’t stay away from this pint-size wildcat. Now he’s facing two dangerous battles: one with a town full of stubborn ranchers at one another’s throats; the other with an unpredictable woman who refuses to be tamed.

Review: This story was really good. It was suspenseful, emotional, passionate, entertaining, and an all around great story. I really liked the characters and the plot. Start to finish the story was engaging and entertaining and enjoyable. I highly recommend it. Bailey has so much to struggle through, being a woman rancher during that era was tough, and it made the reader truly connect with her struggles. Poor Zach took on a very headstrong girl, but in the end he finally realized that that was exactly the kind of girl he wanted. Their story had all of the highs and lows, tense moments and sweet moments, and a plot that really kept me turning the page. Very happy I gave it a go.

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