My One and Only DukeMy One and Only Duke (Rogues to Riches #1) by Grace Burrowes


Synopsis: New York Times bestselling author Grace Burrowes introduces us to the unconventional Wentworth family in this charming Regency romance with a Cinderella twist.

A funny thing happened on the way to the gallows…
One minute, London banker Quinn Wentworth is facing execution. The next, he’s declared the long-lost heir to a dukedom. Quinn has fought his way up from the vilest slums, and now he’s ready to use every dirty trick he knows to find the enemy who schemed against him.

There was just one tiny problem…
Jane Winston, the widowed, pregnant daughter of a meddlesome prison preacher, crosses paths with Quinn in jail. Believing his days are numbered, Quinn offers Jane marriage as a way to guarantee her independence and provide for her child. Neither thinks they’ll actually have a future together.

They were wrong.
He’s a wealthy gutter rat out for vengeance. She’s a minister’s daughter who must turn a marriage of desperation into a proper ducal union. Are they doomed from the start or destined for a happily-ever-after?

Review: I had a difficult time connecting with the two main characters. I’m not sure what exactly it is about the two characters that I didn’t connect with, but I struggled to keep up with them and their adventure. The plot was entertaining but I have liked other Grace Burrowes a lot more than this one. I had a hard time getting engrossed in the plot and conflict, though I really did enjoy how the conflict was resolved. I’m glad he got a happily ever after and that she finally stood up to her father. I will read more in this series, I just think I didn’t click with the characters and that hindered my enjoyment of the story. It isn’t a bad story; the plot is good, just not my favorite.

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