Legacy of DangerLegacy of Danger (Hell’s Valley #3) by Jillian David


Synopsis: Prodigal son and MMA fighter Vaughn Taggart fled his family’s ranch when his burgeoning psychic abilities and disastrous decisions destroyed his brother’s marriage. But his sister’s urgent plea for help prior to her being brutally attached by a demonic monster and the escalating threats from the rival Brand ranch in a ploy to obtain Taggart land, have lured Vaughn back to Copper River, Wyoming—but only long enough to get his family back on track. Nothing could make him stay where he no longer fits in.

Fresh out of residency and looking to escape a darkened past, Mariah West has her hands full with a new practice in a rural hospital. Forever underfoot and brazenly challenging her care of his sister, the powerfully muscled Vaughn Taggart racks her nerves and arouses her body.

When Mariah’s selfless concern for a patient makes her a pawn in the hands of the Brands, she discovers a fierce protector behind Vaughn’s wounded soul and a man with an extraordinary gift.

Now, Mariah and Vaughn must move beyond their pasts and unite to defeat the intensifying evil targeting the Taggart family–an evil that mortals can neither imagine nor fight.

Review: The next installment was good and entertaining, though I think it was not my favorite in the series.  The adventure continues and the darkness is becoming more and more bold. Wyatt Bland has set his sight on Mariah and he won’t take no for an answer. When Vaughn steps in to save her at the hospital from Wyatt’s aggressive overtures, it starts the ball rolling on their adventure, and it is very rocky.  Vaughn isn’t great with words, and he carries around so much guilt that he doesn’t believe he deserves a woman like Mariah, but his powers become a bit obsessive when it comes to protecting her and he can’t seem to walk away.  Mariah has been through hell, and now that she is in Copper Valley, she is working off her medical school loans and working on dealing with her own demons. So when a tortured Vaughn sweeps into town with his hot and cold moods, she knows she shouldn’t get involved with him, but she can’t seem to stop from being drawn to him. Story was good, there was some emotional tension, the plot flowed well, and the conflict was believable.  I think I preferred book 2, Eric and Shelby’s story more, but I am glad the missing brother has returned home and is back with his family on the ranch.

“I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily post this review. This is my honest review.”

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