You Only Love Twice.jpgYou Only Love Twice (London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy #3) by Bec McMaster


SynopsisWith the clock ticking down, the Company of Rogues must find a deadly killer and stop them from assassinating the Queen… before London burns. 

First rule of espionage: don’t ever fall in love with your target.

Five years ago, Gemma Townsend learned the hard way what happens when you break this rule. She lost everything. Her mentor’s trust. The man she loved. And almost her life. Love is a weakness she can never afford again.

When offered a chance at redemption, the seductive spy is determined to complete her assigned task: to track down a dangerous assassin known as the Chameleon, a mysterious killer sent after the queen, whose identity seems to constantly change.

But as her investigation leads Gemma into a trap, she’s rescued by a shadowy figure she thought was dead—the double agent who once stole her heart.

A man with few memories, all Obsidian knows is Gemma betrayed him, and he wants revenge. But one kiss ignites the unextinguished passion between them, and he can’t bring himself to kill her.

Can Obsidian ever trust her again? Or is history doomed to repeat itself? Because it soon becomes clear the Chameleon might be closer than either of them realized… and this time Gemma is in the line of fire.

Review: I so love the steampunk world Bec McMaster has woven together. From the beginning her style or story telling and character development has been vibrant and captivating.  I love all of the characters we meet in her London Steampunk universe and Gemma and Obsidian are no exception. They met and fell in love years ago, but they have always been on opposite sides of the war. For years she has thought him dead after trying to kill her.  He has hated her and believed she tried to burn him alive, but the moment he sees her in London, all of his recessed memories start to bleed through and he is thrown into a world whether brothers betrayed brothers, the woman he loved and thought he hated lost just as much as he did and both of their worlds have tried to keep them apart.  But when his brothers set out to kill her, he can’t help but watch her back, all in the name that when she dies, it will be by his hand but once she is in his clutches she forces the memories to come flooding back and they end up having to fight to stay alive, trust in each other though they are enemies, and when push comes to shove he has to decide what side is he really on.  I loved every second.  The cover for this one is just as vibrant as the story and the characters.  It was great.  There are not enough adjectives to describe how much I love this series and this latest installment.  I want more!!!

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