Wyvern's AngelWyvern’s Angel (Dragons of Incendium#5) by Deborah Cooke


Synopsis: Bond is a secret spy for the Gloria Furore space pirates, a former member of Princess Anguissa’s crew, and a fallen angel with a taste for forbidden pleasures. He can’t resist the temptation of bad choices. He knows he should disappear from Incendium before Anguissa discovers his deception, but he isn’t counting on her enticing younger sister. Bond should know better than to get involved with a dragon shifter princess, but Percipia knows how to get exactly what she wants from him. She offers him a challenge, with irresistible side benefits, and Bond finds himself snared. He should walk away and he knows it, but Percipia’s brand of persuasion feels too much like heaven for Bond to ever want to stop…

Review: I enjoyed the characters in this one and the adventure was great.  I wish the conclusion wasn’t so abrupt and I would have loved to see from his perspective once he was back with the Host. How did he come to remember her? How was he offered the chance to go back to her? How long in his time frame was he away from her, and did he feel like he was forgetting or missing something? Once he came back I wanted more.  Is he her Heart Keeper? Is he staying for good? I liked it but I wanted more, it did leave me just a tad unsatisfied. However, I did enjoy their adventure and I liked the poignant moment they had when he does leave to return to where he came from.  I thought their story was sweet and fun, I just wanted more in the conclusion.

A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.

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