Some Guys have all the LuckSome Guys have all the Luck (Flatiron Five #4) by Deborah Cooke


SynopsisCassie has everything she wants…
Cassie Wilson’s life is pretty much perfect with a dream job, great partners—and the freedom to do whatever she wants whenever she wants. The last thing she wants is to go back to Montrose River, the town she couldn’t wait to leave, and be treated like a failure because she didn’t choose marriage and babies. But when her oldest friend asks her to be godmother, Cassie is persuaded to make a difference in the little girl’s life. Maybe she can teach little Hope to dream big and move beyond Montrose River, too. Maybe that will be her legacy. Besides, one weekend in the Midwest won’t kill her. She’ll be back in Manhattan so quickly that they won’t have time to miss her at Flatiron Five.

Reid knows what he wants…
Reid Jackson is convinced that opportunity comes to those who look for it. Keeping his eyes open has been the secret to his success, along with a steady run of good luck. He might have come from the wrong side of the tracks, and he might have a reputation of being bad to the bone, but hard work has paid off. Cassie Wilson barely noticed Reid in high school but when she comes breezing back into town, turning heads and ruffling feathers, Reid is ready to make a new conquest. Cassie is everything he imagined and turns his expectations inside out—but when Reid realizes he wants more than a fling, he knows he’ll need all his legendary luck to persuade Cassie to stay.

Review: I truly love this series. If you have read any of Deborah’s other series or genres, it is amazing how different they are and how different her style of writing is with F5 versus her historical, for example.  Such a diverse author. Out of all the series I have read of her’s, this is definitely my absolute favorite series. Cassie is a character that I’ve been curious about ever since book one when she kept trying to seduce Ty. And when she got her tattoo how skeptical she was that she would ever find love made her more interesting. I wondered what type of guy would she fall for and Reid definitely stands out in the crowd. What starts out as a one-weekend stand, while she is back in her small hometown, definitely has sparks flying from the get go. It gives a glimpse into the type of people who are so ok with one-night stands and who seek out short term hookups. These two are definitely like that but they still come together naturally and the book spans months. She had her work cut out for her in trying to win him over and there were a few times I was not so sure she would succeed. When she finds out about his ex, her response was perfect!!  Her dark secret that she ends up revealing to Reid on the way to the airport to head back to NYC was shocking but his response was great and it was the first moment when I thought they just might work out. Loved every second. Loved that they took their time. Loved that the book had plenty of passion and romance and emotional tension and just great plot elements that came together to create a great story. Loved also getting to witness Kyle and Lauren’s wedding, which was so beautiful. Just. Plain. Loved. It.

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