The VixenThe Vixen (Wicked Wallflowers #2) by Christi Caldwell


SynopsisUSA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell pits a fiercely independent beauty against a devilish investigator.

Set apart by her ethereal beauty and fearless demeanor, Ophelia Killoran has always been a mystery to those around her—and a woman they underestimated. No one would guess that she spends her nights protecting the street urchins of St. Giles. Ophelia knows what horrors these children face. As a young girl, she faced those horrors herself, and she would have died…if not for the orphan boy who saved her life.

A notorious investigator, Connor Steele never expected to encounter Ophelia Killoran on his latest case. It has been years since he sacrificed himself for her. Now, she hires orphans from the street to work in her brother’s gaming hell. But where does she find the children…and what are her intentions?

Ophelia and Connor are at odds. After all, Connor now serves the nobility, and that is a class of people Ophelia knows firsthand not to trust. But if they can set aside their misgivings and work together, they may discover that their purposes—and their hearts—are perfectly aligned.

Review: The second book that follows the Killoran gang focuses on Ophelia. Her brother is up to his antics again to marry a sister off to a nobleman in order to create connections. Ophelia is stubborn and scarred from a past she hasn’t shared with anyone, including her family, but when her brother says either she or Gertrude will marry well, she sacrifices herself to protect her sister.

Connor Steele was once saved from a life on the streets when he stepped in to protect Ophelia. He thought he was sacrificing his life, but fortune shined on him and he instead was adopted and given a life of privilege. He is now an investigator that comes knocking on the Devil’s Den in order to hunt down a lost nobleman’s son.  Ophelia and he bump heads from the start, both keeping their shared past a secret, but when they keep bumping into each other at social events their nemesis/friendship is rekindled.

The story was enjoyable, it was slow at times, but at the point near the end where her past comes back to haunt her, the plot and conflict get really good.  I enjoyed their interactions throughout the book. Ophelia was such a strong, yet stubborn, woman who found it really hard to trust Connor or his intentions.  Overall, I enjoyed it, though I wish the plot pace was a little stronger.

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