Emerald FlameEmerald Flame (Flame #6) by Caris Roane


Synopsis: An alpha wolf sizzling with storm power. An invisible witch. An evil wizard who wants them both dead.

The air felt wrong, like a thousand tiny needles pressing into the flesh of Alex Warren’s arms and shoulders.
He sat in his Border Patrol SUV in front of the Savage Territory station. His shift was over for the night, but he wasn’t ready to head in just yet. Something was going down. He just didn’t know what…

~ EMERALD FLAME, A Paranormal Romance

A witch scarred him…

Warren couldn’t trust witches. One had tried to kill him with her poisoned spell. Though he survived, he was left badly disfigured and blind in one eye.  When Kiara, a beautiful witch, begins to heal him, he finds himself craving her. But his prejudice against her kind runs deep. As an evil wizard attacks Savage Territory, can Warren set aside his prejudice, or will he lose his pack, and his territory, forever?

Wolves hate the secretive nature of Elegance Territory…

Kiara never meant to fall for a wolf.  But from the moment she met Warren, her heart beats only for him. She also knew he could never go for her. A witch had almost killed him once. When a vile wizard makes a play for Savage Territory, and Warren needs her help, their relationship climbs to dizzying heights. Yet the scars he bears tells her she can only be a passing flame. Can she protect her heart? Or will the passionate affair leave her forever desolate?

Review: This one was very much like the last one, A Wolf’s Love. Warren is an injured wolf who doesn’t trust witches and yet falls for one. I could have really used more character development. There was so much great potential for emotional tension, strife, and having to overcome trust issues. They would have a moment of strong ‘can’t trust her or her motives’ but in the next breath he is trusting her with his life or kissing her. There was no drawn out, slow build-up to trust. I needed more development between the characters; their relationship could have moved slowly and through fighting the villain learned to trust the other or even moments when they could possibly go their separate ways because of insensitive comments or doubts to then come back together. It was rushed, ‘will he, won’t he?’ Will she leave, should she leave, etc.

I did enjoy their story beyond the desire for more character development. The villain and conflict was strong and it was an easy read. I do enjoy Caris Roane’s take on paranormal romance and this story was entertaining and enjoyable.  My personal complaint is just me being nit-picky about what I want in characters.  The story was overall good and I look forward to more from the Flame universe.

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