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Mine Till MidnightMine Till Midnight (The Hathaways #1) by Lisa Kleypas


SynopsisWhen an unexpected inheritance elevates her family to the ranks of the aristocracy, Amelia Hathaway discovers that tending to her younger sisters and wayward brother was easy compared to navigating the intricacies of the ton. Even more challenging: the attraction she feels for the tall, dark, and dangerously handsome Cam Rohan.

Wealthy beyond most men’s dreams, Cam has tired of society’s petty restrictions and longs to return to his “uncivilized” Gypsy roots. When the delectable Amelia appeals to him for help, he intends to offer only friendship—but intentions are no match for the desire that blindsides them both. But can a man who spurns tradition be tempted into that most time-honored arrangement: marriage? Life in London society is about to get a whole lot hotter…

Review: Book one of the Hathaway series by Lisa Kleypas came to me by the Heroes and Heartbreakers Book Club. I haven’t read one of her books before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I enjoyed it, it was a refreshing take on historical romance with eccentric families and something I haven’t seen in a lot of regency romance, gypsies, and their culture. I really liked reading something I haven’t read before. The concept of a gypsy man who runs a London gambling house and a very independently willed woman who thinks it is up to her to take care of all of her family was enjoyable to watch unfold. They had chemistry from the moment they met and their relationship developed slowly. The added drama amongst the siblings added humor, tension, sadness, and emotional appeal. The whole family does hook you into their story and makes the reader want more from the Hathaway’s. I definitely will have to pick up the other books in their series.

As part of the Heroes and Heartbreakers Book Club, they post questions to answer as part of the response to the book.   Below are the questions and my answers:

  1. Kleypas heroes are known for their quick wit and fondness for banter—what was one of your favorite quips of Cam’s in Mine Till Midnight?
  • One of my favorite quips was actually his first one when Amelia is at his club asking him for help to find her brother.  When he informs her that her brother is at a brothel, Amelia intends to go there herself to get him. Cam insists on going with her and his response to her insistence that his additional help wasn’t needed was “Obviously it will be to everyone’s benefit for you to retrieve Ramsay and leave London as quickly as possible. I consider it my civic duty to hasten your departure” (Chapter 2). With that first example of their banter and chemistry set the stage for the whole book and it was funny.

2. Amelia grew up taking care of her brother and sisters; did you relate to her need to put her siblings first or were you rooting for her to let go of some of that sense of responsibility?

  • I was definitely rooting for her to let go of some of that sense of responsibility.  She meant well, and I agree that her family needed someone to lead and guide, but it shouldn’t have to always be her and I really wanted to see her let loose.  When she finally does, watching her family respond was fun to watch.  Her sisters’ responses were cute and funny, especially the youngest sister’s response to seeing her sister breaking rules and acting out of character.

3. We’re introduced to the entire Hathaway family in this book—who is your favorite Hathaway?

  • This one is hard, but I think my favorite was Win.  The sub plot between her and Merripen peaked my interest. I really want to read their story. Win comes across as quiet yet fierce in her own way.

4. Who do you prefer as a hero: a self-made man or a noble?

  • I think I like the noble because in order to be a hero the noble has to overcome how they were raised, that they are above most other people and that they can do about anything and get away with it. To be a hero the noble usually has to go against the grain, against other nobles to break the mold, to accept (usually) a woman who should be beneath their notice. Don’t get me wrong, the self-made man can also make a good hero, especially when they can win and prove themselves to a noble woman and win their love.

5. Did you feel any sympathy towards Leo throughout Mine Till Midnight?

  • Towards the end, I did become sympathetic towards Leo, but for a lot of the book how he behaved and then had the gall to judge Amelia’s behavior did really annoy me.  He had no right to judge her choices when he was the one bringing more shame and disappointment to the Hathaway family.

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