Vampire's Soft EmbraceA Vampire’s Soft Embrace (Blood Rose Time Travel #1) by Caris Roane



The man held her heart in his hand.
He had for the past five years.
Did he even have the smallest clue?
~ A Vampire’s Soft Embrace

Do you love intense paranormal romance with strong characters battling impossible odds? How about alpha warriors who fall for worthy women? Then you will enjoy A VAMPIRE’S SOFT EMBRACE, A Paranormal Romance and the first novella of the Blood Rose Time Travel Series.

She’s loved the vampire desperately for five long years, but guilt has kept his heart locked away…

Will Devyn be able to overcome his guilt and be with Emily at long last…

Devyn’s heart pounds for Emily. But he’s determined to keep her at arm’s length. From the time she first kissed him in the Broylbury coffee shop, Emily has been the one. But she’d also been engaged to his brother Kyle. Because of his guilt over Kyle’s death, Devyn can’t be with Emily. He doesn’t deserve her. When he discovers she’s a blood rose, when he craves her, when her wildflower blood calls to him, how can he stay away? Especially when an evil mastyr vampire arrives ready to do whatever he can to bond with her?

Will Emily break through Devyn’s guilt, or will she be forced to bond with a vampire not of her own choosing in order to survive…

Emily’s heart aches with longing. Devyn is the one. Though she was engaged to his brother, Kyle, somehow Devyn reached into her soul and grabbed on hard. When she learns she’s a blood rose and must take a vampire mate, she tries desperately to reach Devyn. But his guilt won’t let him love Emily in return. She must pick another. But how can she leave behind the man who completely stole her heart five long years ago?

Review: A new series by Caris Roane is the spin-off from her first Blood Rose series.  This one takes place after the last one and focuses on blood roses that have the ability to go back in time and the warriors that fall for them.  This first book was enjoyable, I liked the two main characters, they were strong and passionate on the page. The plot centers around the fact that Emily has loved Devyn for years, but his guilt toward’s his brother’s death and the fact that Emily was engaged to his twin brother, he cannot bring himself to give in to his own feelings for her.  So part of the conflict centers on Emily’s battle to win Devyn and break him of his guilt.  The second part of the conflict focus on a mastyr vampire and a dark fae who have somehow found a way to create Invictus pairs. Emily and Devyn have to team up to defeat this new enemy and along the way they find passion and love and Devyn is finally relieved of his guilt. It was a cute and enjoyable story.

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