AxionAxion (Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides #2) by Erin Kellison

fleurfleurfleurFeur half

Synopsis: He’s there to court a bride on behalf of his captain; she needs to start over, preferably as far from Earth as possible…

The last unregulated vortex in the galaxy is located in the Red Rock mountains of an out-of-the-way world called Earth. Refuge to outlaws, space pirates, and deserters from the Light Wars, Red Rock is the place where a captain of an interstellar vessel can warp through the vortex to go back in time. Some do so to right a wrong, some for vengeance, and some to thwart death…chrono-repercussions be damned.

Review: Book 2 focuses on Leif and Nina it is quick and entertaining if a bit rushed. Leif is on a mission to find an Earth bride for his employer. He doesn’t want outspoken and sometimes silly Nina, but he doesn’t quite know why. At least not until he meets a future self who pretty much tells him she is his mate and that he watches her leave Earth to be another man’s bride. She finds Leif annoying and always moody. When the future Leif shows up and he is nothing like the other one, she can’t help but be drawn in. Well, they both set out to find out the future Leif’s purpose and when it is revealed they come up with their own version of the plan. I liked book 1 better. I wanted a bit more development in Leif and Nina’s plot to save the world and stay together. This one didn’t have the emotional tension book 1 had, though I still enjoyed the story.  I liked their banter and when passion flares, it flares hot and fast (a bit too fast for me but still good).

***I voluntarily received this ARC book for a clear and honest review from the author***

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