seven-sins-vof-ruby-loveThe Seven Sins of Ruby Love (Beyond #3) by Erin Quinn

Release Date: April 3, 2017


Synopsis: Ruby thought she was the ordinary sister in the Love clan—that is, until her dead brother searches her out and begs for her help. Along with him come others—not just other dead, but demons, too—and they are terrifying enough to alarm even someone with Ruby’s eerie family history. She turns to John Cassian, a successful-but-sketchy businessman who seems to know more about demons than is good for either of them. He agrees to help her save her brother’s soul, but Ruby knows he has motives of his own. He is too compelling, too sensual to resist, but even as he seduces Ruby’s body, she fears the consequences of trusting him. John is seeking revenge, but who or what has he targeted? And how can she love a man who frightens even the stuff of nightmares?

Review: John Cassian wants vengeance and when Ruby Love runs straight into his arms, literally, he sees her as his possible ticket to that vengeance, all he has to do is keep his hands and his heart out of it. Ruby is tormented by ghosts; she sees the dead and when her dead brother shows up on the train with her and asks for her help, she is determined to accomplish that, even if it means doing it without the aid of her family.  The chemistry between Ruby and John was hot and explosive. They burned up the pages and their intense emotional journey to trusting, and loving, each other made the story progress smoothly and quickly.  I loved watching their adventure unfold and when the truth comes out about who John really is and his motives, Ruby has to decide if she can stay with a man that has done heinous crimes to survive. John fears she will walk out the door and never return, but that doesn’t stop him from helping her reach her dead brother.  When Ruby is in danger John rushes to her aid and the conclusion of their story was awesome!  This one didn’t need an epilog, like The Three Fates of Ryan Love; how this one ends was perfect and complete.  When you through in ghosts, angels that aren’t that heavenly, a reaper, a half-breed, and a lot of action you end up with a thrilling and entertaining story.

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