Three FatesThe Three Fates of Ryan Love (Beyond #2) by Erin Quinn


SynopsisTwo star-crossed souls discover that their fates are intertwined—for better or worse—in the second book in the Beyond series of paranormal romances that began with The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love.

Step into a world of angels and demons, where there are fates worse than death and love larger than life.

Ryan Love’s life is about to go up in flames—literally—when a mystical being named Sabelle appears, claiming to be from the Beyond, the realm of heaven, hell, and mysteries both awesome and terrifying. As Ryan’s family business and home are destroyed in a freak explosion, Sabelle saves him just in time. So why does Ryan feel like she’s the one who needs saving?

Sabelle is a Spinner, or agent of fate, whose sole purpose is to guide Ryan through his life choices. But the time is coming when she must part with him forever and entrust her job to someone else—someone who cares much less about him. And she can’t bear the thought, because each time Ryan touches her she falls more in love with him…

But maybe there is a way to stop the ticking time bomb. She’s heard rumors, and no one knows for certain if it works. It’s forbidden, of course, and dangerous—undoubtedly. Sabelle must leave the Beyond and bind herself to Ryan forever. But how will Ryan react when he learns what she’s done? And are their destinies forever connected, or can Ryan still pave the path of his future?

Review: This one was a page-turner with strong characters, a convincing conflict and antagonist, and the plot kept the reader interested from start to finish. I very much enjoyed the dialogue between the two main characters. It was intense at times and reminded me a bit of Donna Grant’s style of emotional tension. It kept me engrossed and I really wanted it to work out for the two characters. The emotional build up and tension kept me turning the page to see what the Fates had in store for the both Ryan and Sabelle. Their adventure was passionate and fast-paced. Their relationship was electric and passionate. I loved their dialogue and how the story unfolded. I would have liked an epilogue, though. The story’s last page was abrupt. I wanted more at the very end of the story.

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