the-beautyThe Beauty (Bride Quest II #2) by Claire Delacroix


Synopsis: “I was born a woman. There are but two courses for my life — marriage or the convent. I have chosen.”

Certain she will never wed for love, sworn to let no man possess her for her beauty alone, Jacqueline de Crevy has vowed to become a bride of God. But en route to the convent of Inveresbeinn, her party is ambushed by a knight, who snatches Jacqueline from her saddle and spirits her away with him.

He is Angus MacGillivray — not the blackhearted ravisher she fears but a valiant man of honor who has returned to Scotland seeking justice…and revenge. Angus has come home from the Crusades to find his family murdered and his birthright seized. Sworn to reclaim his rightful lands, he has kidnapped the stepdaughter of Duncan, chieftain of Clan MacQuarrie — Angus’s avowed enemy.

But his lovely captive refuses to be the chattel — or ransom — of any man…until Jacqueline senses the yearning heart beneath Angus’s embittered facade. In spite of himself, Angus has let this defiant beauty touch his very soul. And as desire flames between them, a lady fair and her battle-scarred knight will fight for a love that could banish all the sorrows of the past..

Review: Book two follows Jacqueline, who we met in book one.  She is the one that is almost raped in book one by her intended husband.  She has decided that she would rather join a convent then risk marriage to a man.  On her way there she is kidnapped by Angus who thinks she is Mairi, Cormac’s son. (We found out in book one that she died instead of marrying a man she didn’t want).  The two start off on an adventure of vengeance and discovery. Angus wants nothing to do with her, all he wants is to reclaim his ancestral home after being in the Crusades for the last 15 years. His home has been claimed by someone else and he thinks that “Mairi” is the way to get it back.  He will ransom her in order to get his home back.  Sparks fly and they, of course, fight it because they both want different things in their lives, but when they give in their passion and the moment is sweet and sensual.  Angus takes into account her past with her intended when they finally come together. They end up imprisoned in Angus’ home by the man claiming ownership (which is not Jacqueline’s family), and while in the dungeon Angus’ demons from his days in the Crusades comes to the forefront and Jacqueline comes to his aid to deal with his demons.  In the end, Angus turns her away and she finds herself in the convent.  It isn’t what she thought it would be but Angus does not want her so she was going to make the best of it.  The conclusion was so sweet when he finally shows up for her.  Their story was entertaining and passionate.  Both had demons they had to deal with and in the end, they realize they are stronger together.

A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion. 

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