Better off UndeadBetter off Undead (Blood and Moonlight #2) by Cynthia Eden

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SynopsisDetective Jane Hart is just getting used to paranormal life in New Orleans. Monsters are real, and she’s the lucky cop who has to deal with them on a daily basis. Werewolves, vampires, witches, and demons—she has to face them all and keep their paranormal madness in check.

When a killer targets human men—and leaves their bodies scattered in local cemeteries—Jane suspects she may be looking at the crimes of a werewolf gone rogue. In order to hunt down the beast, Jane once again teams up with her werewolf lover, alpha Aidan Locke. But Aidan has been keeping secrets from Jane, dark secrets that will destroy her world.

Because Jane isn’t the hunter on her latest investigation. She’s the prey. And when a vampire attack leaves her helpless, the woman that Jane was before will vanish. She’ll become the one thing she fears most and Aidan…

Her fierce lover may have to become her executioner.

Review:  Book two sees Jane hunting for a werewolf on a rampage through a New Orleans cemetery. Werewolf alpha, Aiden, is trying to protect the woman he loves and to prevent her from becoming a vampire. They both fear that when it happens they will go from lovers to enemies. A very old vampire comes to town in the name of peace to help Jane with her inevitable change. Secrets still lay between the two lovers and the secrets risk pulling them apart when they really need to be tightening their defenses. The villain in this one is a newly transitioned alpha wolf that they both have to stop from tearing humans apart. Book two was good though it was missing a bit of the emotional tension book one, Bite the Dust, had and when she does transition it isn’t as tense as it could have been.

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