Hello everyone,

Today is the release date for Grace Burrowes new book, The Trouble with Dukes, the first in a new spin-off series featuring the Windham’s once more. To celebrate the release she did a Q&A with me and here are the results, I hope you enjoy the answers as much as I did.  Thank you, Grace for allowing me to participate in your Release Blitz event!

  1. Who is your favorite character (or couple) that you have created?

What a cruel question! I love them all, especially whatever couple I’m writing at the moment. I have to say though, that Percival and Esther, Duke and Duchess of Moreland, have been a comfort to me. They have a certain parental gravitas that assures me every happily ever after will eventually find its way to the page. An author (this author!) sometimes needs that assurance. Then too, Their Graces are more in love than ever, after decades of marriage, many children, grandchildren, and vicissitudes without number. My parents, who were married for seventy years, are the inspiration for those achievements.

  1. Who was the villain you loved to hate the most while you wrote the story he or she participated in?

This one’s easy. As I wrote “The Captive,” my hero, Christian, Duke of Mercia, was fueled by a relentless need for revenge on his captor, Sebastian St. Clair. But St. Clair was simply being a loyal French officer… or was there more to his story? The more I learned about St. Clair, the more I realized he’d been painted into a really bleak corner, and I couldn’t just leave him there. Thank goodness for sequels!

  1. When you get a chance to relax and read for pleasure, who and/or what series do you reach for?

Anything by Mary Balogh. The Captain Lacey mystery series by Ashley Gardiner (Jennifer Ashley), and The Charles Lenox Victorian mysteries by Charles Finch. Love me a historical hero, whether he’s sleuthing or swashbuckling. Both authors are exquisitely attentive to the world building, and I get pulled right in. Then there’s Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series, which has recently gone ducal. Yum!

  1. Do you enjoy any other genres besides historical (to read or write)?

Mystery, certainly. I love a well-written biography, and I’m drawn to non-fiction as it relates to the periods I write in. I’m nose down right now in Neal Ascherson’s “Stone Voices: The Search for Scotland,” and loving every word. Before that I read Grose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue page by page just because it’s a pure delight.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most in the coming year (stories you plan to write, books you plan to read, places you plan to visit, etc.)?

I look forward to getting up and writing every day, and I do not take that joy for granted. In September 2017, I’ll take my second group of readers and writers on a tour of Scotland. The maiden voyage in 2016 was some of the best fun I’ve had, and I hope next year will be even better. I’m also working on some anthology projects that are off great starts, and then there’s the rest of the Windham Brides to look forward to. I behold my future and see an embarrassment of riches in terms of the joys awaiting me.