seduce-me-in-shadowSeduce me in Shadow (Doomsday Brethren #2) by Shayla Black


SynopsisWhen a villainous wizard escapes from exile, the devastatingly sexy Doomsday Brethren must defend all magickind in the spellbinding second book in bestselling author Shayla Black’s seductive new paranormal series.

Ex-marine Caden MacTavish has shunned his magical heritage all his life, but he will do anything to heal his desperately ill brother, a Doomsday Brethren warrior in mourning for his missing mate. Posing as a photographer, Caden must convince firecracker tabloid reporter Sydney Blair to reveal the source of her recent exposé on a supernatural power clash. Unfortunately, keeping his hands off the sizzling redhead proves as hard as getting them onto the potent and mystical Doomsday Diary he discovers at her bedside. A bloody rebellion led by an evil, power-hungry wizard is imminent. If Sydney divulges the book’s existence, she will jeopardize magickind’s most deeply guarded secrets and become the ruthless wizard’s number one target. Caden has never trusted magic’s cruel and dangerous powers, but he will protect Sydney with his life and magic — even if it means risking his heart.

Review: Book two of the Doomsday Brethren brings together a US Marine who wants nothing to do with the world of magic and a British tabloid reporter hell bent to prove that Magickind exists and to avenge her source. He goes undercover as her photographer to find out who her source is and to stop her from writing any more stories on the Magickind. She is a firecracker, as Caden loves to call her, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and be blunt about it. They are both attracted to each other and when she is gifted with a magic diary she figures what could it hurt to write down her sexual fantasy about Caden in it. She doesn’t truly believe it can grant wishes though she does hope that it might. He is drawn to her from the moment he sets eyes on her (and not because of the diary) but knows he should keep his distance in order to keep her safe and because he suspects that she might be his eternal mate. He doesn’t want to embrace anything to do with magic and plans on going back to Texas as soon as he finds his brother’s lost mate. Sparks fly, he goes through his transition into becoming a wizard, and she picks up the fight for Magickind that he refuses to fight. Their relationship is explosive and passionate with just enough emotional turmoil tossed in to keep it interesting. The battles are large, the villains aren’t always clearly defined, and as one relationship ends a new one begins. I enjoyed it. I’m not sure I buy the plot concept that the wizards derive energy from sex and if they don’t get it they could die. That I thought was a bit much but other than that I enjoyed book 2 and will pick up book 3.

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