DragonbaneDragonbane (Dark-Hunter #25) by Sherrilyn Kenyon


Synopsis: Out of all the mysterious boarders who call Sanctuary home, no one is more antisocial or withdrawn than Maxis Drago. But then, it’s hard to blend in with the modern world when you have a fifty-foot wingspan.

Centuries ago, he was cursed by an enemy who swore to see him fall. An enemy who took everything from him and left him forever secluded.

But Fate is a bitch, with a wicked sense of humor. And when she throws old enemies together and threatens the wife he thought had died centuries ago, he comes back with a vengeance. Modern day New Orleans has become a battleground for the oldest of evils. And two dragons will hold the line, or go down in flames.

Review:  Max has always been an interesting, aloof character in the DH and Sanctuary universe. He is always there but always in the shadows. I enjoyed seeing who he was as a character and his back story. His and Sera’s story was sad and heart-breaking, but when they come back together she comes to know the truth, that he has always been an honorable and caring man. Sera let her fears blind her to the truth when they were together hundreds of years ago. Max was the one she should have always been loyal to, but her past caused her to hurt him so badly he couldn’t forgive her and he left her behind. Now, present time, she has sought him out in order to save their children, children he knew nothing about.  Together they save their son and daughter, fight the gods and amazons, and come to trust each other and love each other. Their story had a few slow parts but overall it was enjoyable and moved along well. Half way through the book things start to seriously pick up conflict-wise and this one ends in a kind cliff hanger.  War has come to the DH universe again, Apollo is up to his old tricks, and the bad guys are becoming stronger, but we all know the good guys always win in this series and I can’t wait till the next one.  His brother has his story next and I look forward to seeing how the war progresses now that there be dragons in the mix.

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