The Widow's AuctionThe Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries

Release Date: August 16, 2016


SynopsisFrom Sabrina Jeffries—New York Times bestselling author of The Study of Seduction and The Art of Sinning—comes a sumptuous tale of a woman whose affection comes at a price…

Though Isobel Lamberton, the widowed Lady Kingsley, is confounded by her dealings with the obstinate Justin Antony, Lord Warbrooke, his commanding presence sparks something deep within her. But such romantic thoughts are for naught. For Justin’s political aspirations always come first. And Isobel’s own secret past could damage both of them permanently.

So when Isobel’s friend talks her into participating in a scandalous auction of masked widows at a gentleman’s club, she reluctantly agrees…and soon begins to relish being an object of desire. But none desire her more than Justin, who recognizes the outspoken Isobel in disguise and sets out to teach her a lesson worth far more than money…

Review:  I love Sabrina Jeffries writing and her ability to tell a story. Her characters are strong, her plot lines are delicious and enjoyable, and she has done it again with this short novella. Yes, they fell in love in 24 hours, if that, but the story was so sweet and so romantic it was just a joy to read. I loved Bella’s background and Justin’s attempts to shock her into revealing that she was the one behind the mask was fun to watch. The scene (promise no spoilers) where she tells him her background, while still wearing the mask thinking it gives her a chance to be her true self and stop “hiding” for once, was awesome! Loved it. Justin’s scheme to win her, in the end, was also so romantic and perfect.

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