Ever NightEver Night by Gena Showalter


SynopsisThe New York Times bestselling author of the Lords of the Underworld series transports readers to a new and dark world in this sexy, paranormal novella…

Rose Pascal is swept into a dark, haunting realm every year on her birthday, only to return home the next day. She dreads each visit…even as she craves appearing before the realm’s warrior king, a deliciously maddening man who has spent his life hunting and killing her kind—with good reason. They are supposed to be enemies, but neither can deny the passion sizzling between them. With time running out, can they find a way to be together forever?

Originally in the Anthology On The Hunt

Review: It was an interesting concept for a story. Definitely potential for a series though I have found no evidence saying it is in the works. At times it was definitely rushed. Especially near the end. His hatred for Walkers shouldn’t have been able to be assuaged by three days without her, knowing he would be seeing her anyway at midnight on her birthday, which was coming up quickly. What happened to his family deserved a little more anger and stubbornness on his part. There was no real bad guy and there could easily have been one amongst the Walkers. There was potential for emotional strife and fears of possible betrayal (based on the story concept), but nothing is explored. He was a strong character, in the beginning, he was all big, bad, and fearful, and then he falls flat 9 chapters later. I liked that he came to his senses about his hatred for her kind but I think it came too quickly leaving him kind of on the weak side. And I liked him! Dude, that was frustrating! This would have been SO much better as a full novel. It left me wanting more.

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