Love in the FortressLove in the Fortress (Blood Rose #8.1) by Caris Roane


Synopsis: A Mastyr Vampire. A beautiful fae-slave. Trapped in a fortress. Can love bloom in the midst of a nightmare?

Mastyr Vampire Griffin hates his enslavement in Margetta’s fortress. He sought death a thousand times because of it, but was denied when the Ancient Fae brought him back repeatedly, forcing him to train her evil army. When a beautiful fae-slave, Sandra, tells him to live, he begins to believe his life could have more meaning than a tortured existence in Margetta’s hidden army camp. But will his growing love for Sandra put her at even greater risk?

Sandra has served the Ancient Fae as her slave for thirty years after an Invictus attack destroyed her family. Sent to work in Margetta’s fortress, grief for the loss of her husband and young son have dominated her heart. When Mastyr Griffin arrives, however, she begins to see that love can exist even in the midst of a nightmare. But when she reaches out to the solitary mastyr vampire, the dangers of fortress life threaten her at every turn, especially when she discovers she’s one of the most coveted women in the Nine Realms: a blood rose.

Review:  A quick read without the typical negatives that novellas tend to have. The story takes place one year after they met and became friends so we join in right when feelings of friendship turn to love which makes it believable and not rushed. Also, this one didn’t have the couple fighting against being together. They embraced each other and their love, which is different than other Blood Rose stories. I enjoyed it and I liked that the conflict wasn’t major or earth shattering. This one had the feel of just a snapshot of a relationship that was growing during the same time as the other Blood Rose books. It was sweet, passionate, and I enjoyed reading it.

I was gifted this copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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