Once upon a Moonlit NightOnce upon a Moonlit Night (Maiden Lane #10.5) by Elizabeth Hoyt

Release Date: July 5, 2016


SynopsisFrom New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt comes a delightful Maiden Lane novella that begins once upon a moonlit night—and ends wickedly, wonderfully ever after…

Hippolyta Royle is running for her life. Pursued by hounds on a cold rainy night, the heiress flags down a passing carriage and throws herself at the mercy of the coach’s occupant. Whoever this handsome traveler may be, he is her only hope to escape a terrible fate. But should he agree to escort her to safety, he’s in for much more than he bargained for.

At first Matthew Mortimer doesn’t believe Hippolyta’s story, that she’s a fabulously wealthy heiress who’s been kidnapped. He assumes she’s a beggar, an actress, or worse. But once his new travel companion washes the mud from her surprisingly lovely face, and they share a breathtaking kiss, there is no turning back.

Review:  This was a sweet and romantic story. I liked the two main characters, Matthew and Hippolyta, and how well they played off each other. I enjoyed their adventure and how she proved to London society that she was proud of her mother and her ancestry. I liked how he thought her a beggar or whore in the beginning because she was a total mess, literally. It was fun to watch him realize the truth. It was a quick read but it didn’t feel too rushed. Time passed with this one (it wasn’t they meet, fall in love in a day, marry in four days–for example).  The author let it unfold naturally even though it is a novella, which is always a major plus in my book.  Overall, a fun and quick read.

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