DouglasDouglas: Lord of Heartache (Lonely Lords #8) by Grace Burrowes


Synopsis: Gwen Hollister, cousin to the Marquis of Heathgate, has fashioned a life as a poor relation, raising her daughter Rose in rural obscurity and focusing all of her considerable passion and intellect on stewarding the estate they live on. Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, is sent to Gwen by their mutual relations for lessons in husbandry of the land. Only because Douglas rescues Gwen’s daughter from certain peril, does Gwen accept the task. As Douglas and Gwen find common ground, and then mutual pleasure, Gwen’s past rises up in the person of the powerful Duke of Moreland, who’s bent on wresting control of Rose from her mother, even if it means Gwen must marry the Moreland heir.

Review: It was a sweet and calm story. Douglas was so calm, supportive, passionate in a quiet way that the whole story was just super sweet and super romantic. His most passionate scene didn’t come in the bedroom, but on the church steps when he rides to Gwen’s rescue and holds a Duke at sword point. Loved it!  His demeanor throughout the whole book set the tone for it and it was refreshing to have a male lead that wasn’t over dramatic, over the top masculine, but rather a staid and true hero that had a calming influence. The way he wins Gwen’s trust was perfect. He went about earning it and proving that he is a true gentleman and he allows her to control their dealings. Their love story was beautiful and enjoyable.

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