Hard as a RockHard as a Rock (Gargoyles #3) by Christine Warren


SynopsisBestselling author Christine Warren returns to a mesmerizing world in which the laws of attraction are never written in stone—and love knows no bounds…

Her name is Wynn Powe. A woman of great instinct and inner resources—and insatiable beauty—Wynn has returned to Chicago to do what she does best: Locate Guardian statues. But the Order of Eternal Darkness has beat her to the punch, and the statue she’s come to investigate has been blown to smithereens. An elusive enemy is on her trail…and this time, she’s on her own. Until a mysterious package falls into Wynn’s hands—one that contains contain a chunk of old stone, along with instructions for the spell required to summon a new Guardian.


Enter Knox. He’s a Guardian magically imbued with the skills and memories of his race…and drop-dead, expertly-chiseled good looks. Bound to Wynn as his Warden, Knox vows to learn the truth about the destroyed Guardian—and protect Wynn at all costs. But he never could have imagined the fierce attraction that has taken hold of him, body and soul. Is his desire for Wynn worth the risk of being destroyed by the Order? The only thing he knows for sure is that he won’t go down without a fight. Nor will he pass up a night of pure blind passion…

Review: Christine Warren has a way with words that leaves the reader laughing and wondering how in the hell she came up with great dialogue and one-liners that are creative and perfect. Book 3 in the Gargoyles series lives up to the first two in story, emotion, humor, and passion. This one follows Wynn and the brand new Guardian Knox as they hunt for her missing brother and the link between the Nocturnis and Chicago. Their adventure is fun and fast and the ending is emotional and sweet. What Knox does at the very end to comfort Wynn was perfect. Overall, an enjoyable read and loved the one-liners!

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