The SandmanThe Sandman (Reveler #7) by Erin Kellison


Synopsis: The world Darkside is in turmoil when Chimera Marshal Steve Coll, bloody and beaten, makes it back to Maze City and into Maisie’s arms. He bears a terrible message—The Sandman, the god of the world of dreams, is rising, and he’s bringing devastation to the waking world. Steve must embrace his dual nature to save those he’s sworn to protect. And yet, how can he fight a being who destroys everything in his path?

Even awake, no one is safe.

After the fall of the black market, Maisie Lane’s city is overrun with criminals who want her dreamscape for their own. She’s always envisioned Maze City populated, but not with people like these. Nevertheless, she must relinquish some of her control not only to save the man she loves, but to protect and defend her precious city. While friends and family face danger and betrayal, another enemy is lurking in the shadows.

As time runs out, Maisie and Steve must fight with everything they have, or lose it all, including each other. And even if they somehow prevail, nothing will ever be the same.

Review: Ok, this installment was a horror movie meets the zombie apocalypse meets a corrupt government group who-takes-over-the-world-not-realizing-the-thing-they-worshipped-was-going-to-destroy-them, too.   This one had freaky moments, sad moments, a few light moments, but all intense. Things have come to a head in the series. The Sandman has arrived and he is freaky as hell. I enjoyed it, but it was creepy at times. Not much of a romance, the couples have all been established and now the stories are just continuing the battle the couples face to save mankind from Nightmares and their leader, the Sandman. One story remains, I just hope all of the couples have a happy ending because honestly, I don’t see a lot of hope of one happening (Which means it is good story telling).

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