Dark Flame (Flame #3) by Caris Roane


Synopsis: Brannick works with Juliet Tunney to help several human women escape the nightmare of Five Bridges. But something isn’t right. Juliet acts as though she knows him really well, yet he’s only met her once. Unless…the dreams he’s been having about her aren’t dreams at all. When a sensual dream surfaces in vivid images and sounds, he knows something’s up with the beautiful fae woman from Revel Territory. And if what he suspects is true, Juliet has a lot to answer for.

Juliet fell hard for Brannick the night she first signed on to help out with his rescue operation. She even violated a serious Revel Territory law by invading his dreams. What she hadn’t expected was how readily he took her up on her illegal dreamgliding offer. With her special fae abilities, she’s been his secret lover for five months. Sworn to withhold the nature of their dream-relationship from Brannick’s conscious mind, she faces the hard truth that she’s in danger of losing him forever because she broke the law. Once the truth surfaces, will Brannick ever be able to forgive her?

Review: Book 3 is so far my favorite. I liked the two main characters; their relationship and how they worked together made for a strong story. The emotional conflict was strong and real. The bad guy wasn’t over done or came across as unbeatable, which was nice. He was real and not over dramatic. I liked the addition of the Fae to the series. The first two books dealt with vampires and witches, so brining in a new species was a fresh change. Overall an enjoyable read. The world of Five Bridges continues to be a compelling setting for the story line and I am getting the feeling that due to the setting, this series might be better than the Blood Rose series.

Book gifted in exchange for an honest review

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