Pirate Next DoorRegency Pirates: The Pirate Next Door (Regency Pirates #1) by Jennifer Ashley


Synopsis: Mayfair, London, 1810: Alexandra Alastair, a respectable young English widow, wonders if she dare add the new viscount who’s moved in next door to her list of potential husbands.

He certainly doesn’t look like the gentlemen on her list—Grayson Finley, Viscount Stoke, is tall and sun-bronzed, muscular and blue-eyed. He wears dress so casual as to be unclothed—long coats, leather breeches, shirts without collar or cravat, and he carries pistols wherever he goes. The men who attend him are just as strange, exotic-looking, even. And the way Grayson smiles at Alexandra whenever they pass in the street—sinful, blood-warming—turns her inside out.

In the middle of the night Alexandra hears shouting coming from the house next door, and the viscount’s life being threatened. She rushes over just in time to save Grayson from being hanged by his greatest enemy, his former best friend.

Thus is Alexandra pulled into the adventures of Grayson Finley, former pirate and terror of the seas. Grayson has made a bargain with the devil (in the form of the pirate hunter, James Ardmore), in order to ensure the safety of his daughter. He’ll do anything to keep her safe, but when Alexandra saves his life, he looks into her eyes the color of water and starts to drown . . .

Review: Jennifer Ashley writes beautiful historical romances and when I found out she blended her historical with pirates, I was so interested!  I enjoyed her characters and I loved how Alexandra comes rushing to save her pirate next door, Captain Finley. The plot was a bit slow at times and when the couple gets together for the first time I thought it a bit abrupt. Finley went from saying he wasn’t looking for a wife and pushing her away to coming in to rescue her from his arch enemy and then bam!, they are together.  That moment, though delicious and cute, had me pausing and wondering wasn’t he just pushing her away and now he isn’t fighting the attraction, weird.  Other than that moment, the story was entertaining, though sometimes slow.  She was a great match, character-wise, for Finley, he needed a strong woman. I loved the epilogue, I thought that was just the most perfect ending and it does leave it open for the next one, which I have already picked up to read.  Overall, enjoyable read, just a bit slow in parts, but if you have enjoyed Jennifer Ashley’s books in the past than I recommend you picking this one up too at some point.

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