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My candidate for this week and for my thirteenth post comes from Wild Fire (Leopard #4) by Christine Feehan

Wild Fire (Leopard #4) by Christine Feehan

Synopsis: Leopard shifter Connor Vega carries the scent of a wild animal in its prime, and bears the soul-crushing sins of past betrayals. Isabeau Chandler’s never forgiven him-or forgotten him. The mating urge is still with her, and hotter than ever. Dangerously hot…Wild Fire

She dropped her free hand into Conner’s lap, her palm cupping the thick bulge, just holding still for a moment. His thigh muscles bunched. His body tensed. She took another bite of strawberry and smiled at Rio. “We could be facing a little army of leopards in that compound, right?”

Rio frowned and tipped his chair back. “I should have thought of that.” He glanced at Conner. “We both should have.”

Conner’s croak of agreement was a little strangled as she began to rub slow, caressing circles along that hard, thick bulge. His hand covered hers, pressing her palm tight against him and holding it still.

“I’m going to ask him, see if I can get an answer,” Rio said, He pushed back his chair.

Isabeau watched him leave with a small smile.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Conner hissed.

She lifted one shoulder and sent him her best siren’s smile. “Playing with fire. I like how it burns.”

“You keep it up and you’ll be crawling under the table and giving me a little relief.”

She shook her head. “Not this time. This time, I’ll be insisting you find a way to give me some relief. My cat won’t let up.”

He sat back in his chair, his eyes going golden. “Really? She’s giving you trouble, today?” His gaze grew hot.

Flames licked over her skin. She tried rubbing him again, but his fingers tightened over hers. He pulled her hand out of his lap and bit the ends of her fingers, sending a spasm of liquid heat rushing to her melting center.

“It’s hot as hell knowing you need my cock buried inside your burning little body. I should torment you a little bit and wait until you’re begging me.”

She leaned close to him, licking at his ear with the top of her tongue. Her teeth raked the side of his neck. “Or maybe you’ll be the one begging.”

He groaned softly. “You’re killing me, baby, with all these women surrounding us. And believe me, they’re sneaking peeks. I can hear their whispers and their laughter.”

“I’m just obliging them. They want to know what kind of package my man is delivering,” she whispered and tugged at his earlobe with her teeth.

“I think they’re judging whether or not I have enough strength to resist a little temptation from a she-cat.”

“Or enough manhood to do something about it,” she countered.

He rose so fast he knocked the chair over. With one swift motion he picked her up, rolled her over and deposited her on his shoulder, head down his back. One hand clamped tight just under her bottom as he stepped off the porch and headed toward the barn. Laughter followed them, the sounds of both men and women.

“What are you doing?” Isabeau grabbed his shirt with both fists and hung on as he strode across the uneven terrain.

“Proving my manhood, beloved. I certainly don’t want you–or that pack of women–to think I can’t handle the job.”

“No one’s replacing you, crazy leopard man, that was called teasing.”

“Totally foreign concept to me,” he said and yanked open the barn door. “Proving manhood I understand.”

She was laughing so hard she could barely hold on. “Put me down, cave man.”

“I am the ruler of the forest and I’ve captured me mate.”

Rio stepped in front of him, Doc at his side. “You can put your little captive there down, Tarzan, and back off.”

Conner whirled around to face Felipe and Marcos coming in on his left. Felipe shook his head and snapped his fingers. “Give me the girl, ape man.”

Conner growled a warning and spun to his right, only to be blocked by Leonardo and Ruth Ann Gobel’s husband, Dan.

Leonardo held up his hand. “I don’t think so, not on her wedding day. Give us back our sister.”

Conner whirled around in circles, Isabeau laughing uncontrollably as they were surrounded by the men. Most were sixty or seventy, but they looked stern and uncompromising.

“Hand her over,” Doc ordered.

Conner reluctantly put Isabeau onto her feet, holding her body in front of his, his arm curled around her waist.

“You don’t understand,” he said as the mob pressed closer. “The women challenged my manhood. I had no choice.”

Rio crooked his finger at Isabeau. “Come her to me, little sister.”

Isabeau couldn’t keep a straight face. Rio managed to look scary, but his eyes were laughing as were most of the older men. Leonardo and Felipe were just plain snickering. She slid one hand behind her back and continued a slow massage over his thick erection all the while pretending to struggle against Conner’s arm. “He won’t let me go.”

“I’m going to have to take him out behind the barn and teach him some manners,” Doc declared. “You let that girl go.”

“Not happening, Doc,” Conner said, holding her to him. Her fingers were pure magic. He’d forgotten fun. Maybe all of them had. Abel and Mary reminded them what life was all about–sharing with family and friends. Laughter and hope. Love. And he loved Isabeau Chandler with everything in him.

“He’s just too strong, Rio,” Isabeau claimed and then reached her arm up and behind her to hook around the nape of Conner’s neck and draw his head down to hers.

Her lips were velvet soft, firm and far too enticing to resist. Her mouth was hot, her tongue sensually tangling with his. For a moment he forgot their audience and their silly game and just lost himself in the wonder of her kiss. He tasted love and it was the most addictive spice there was.

“Hey there!” Rio said. “Little sister, I think you’re worse than he is. Let her go, Conner, or we’re taking you out behind the barn to give you a little lesson in respect.”

“Actually,” Conner said, without a hint of remorse, “I am being respectful. I’m trying to spare you and your women from seeing what your shortcomings are. It I don’t keep Isabeau right here, we could have a riot on our hands.”

She spun around and pushed him away from her with both hands flat on his chest, color flooding her face. “You’re terrible.” She marched over to Rio, her nose in the air.

Doc intercepted her path, catching her arm. “Young lady, I think you need to come with me. It’s obvious I need to put you in protective custody.”

She turned her head to watch the men close in on Conner. They were laughing as they advanced menacingly. She had the feeling her bridegroom was about to be subjected to some ancient ritual. She went back to the house with Doc. The women were gathered on the porch, watching the men’s antics, laughing together.

Mary snapped a tea towel at her. “Naughty girl.”

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