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My candidate for this week and for my elenenth post comes from Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster from her London Steampunk series.

Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk #1) by Bec McMaster

“Easy, luv. Don’t stir the devil, or you’ll ‘ave to pay the consequences.” Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster

“I’m not sure I have any coin on me,” she said leaning closer and kissing the stubbled roughness of his jaw. “Do you think he would accept my favors instead?” A sultry whisper in his ear.

Blade groaned, “Bloody ‘ell, Honor. Don’t tease a man so.”

“But it’s so very exciting.”

Looking up, he met her startled gaze. “Let down your guard, Honor. Let me in. Let me love you.” He kissed her lips, tasted the sweetness of her breath. “Trust me. I won’t ever ‘urt you.”

“Aye, then.Come and dance with the Ech’lon. You can be me bloody retinue. King o’ Fools and ‘is merry band o’ jesters. If they don’t laugh us out o’ the tower, it’ll be a bleedin’ miracle.”

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