Wild Highland MagicWild Highland Magic (MacInnes Werewolves, Book 3) by Kendra Leigh Castle



As soon as she laid eyes on him, her animal instincts took over.

For generations, the MacInnes werewolves have been guarding the portal between Earth and the Drakkyn realm. Bastian and his sister came through the portal from Drakkyn, seeking sanctuary in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and relief from the curse that haunts him. Solitary and despairing, Bastian must find a way to break the curse or it will kill him.

A family squabble 25 years ago drove a rift between the MacInnes alpha and his brother, and Catrionna MacInnes has never met her MacInnes relatives nor had any guidance in how to be a werewolf. When her father brings his family to Scotland seeking reconciliation, Cat lays eyes on Bastian, and her most basic animal instincts kick in. Bastian tries to resist Cat – no good can come of their attraction – but she won’t take no for an answer. She knows that all she wants – what she must have – is to mark him as her own.

Review: Book 3 is the conclusion of the MacInnes Werewolves trilogy and focuses on Bastian and Catriona’s story.  I enjoyed the trilogy.  Kendra Leigh Castle’s style of story telling is entertaining and visually appealing.  It did take me some time to get into the story, but once I was I couldn’t put it down.  Bastian was a character I looked forward to reading about and I loved seeing Lucien Andrakkar actually get a happy ending. It was entertaining and the MacInnes sisters were fun characters to read about.  I actually didn’t want the series to end, I want more from the series.

Favorite Quotes: This scene is the first one-on-one scene between Cat and Bastian and it shows her spunk and his inability to think straight where she is concerned.  I call it “Creature”

With every rise and fall of Bastian’s hands, the water rose and fell, turning one section of the otherwise still loch into a glimmering, moonlit ballet of waves and fountains, impossibly perfect arcs and swirling sprays that defied any explanation but one: Bastian was playing the waters as adeptly as any virtuoso musician played his instrument.

Cat watched, less concerned with silence as she grew engrossed with the strange and beautiful show. She felt as though she was intruding on something terribly private, and yet she couldn’t look away. There was something incredibly soothing about the dancing waters, and she felt her rapid heartbeat slowing along with her breathing as she watched.

She was so engrossed that she nearly jumped out of her skin when Bastian suddenly froze and spoke, dropping his hands to his sides and letting the waters go still. If she’d felt like an intruder before, Bastian’s words only confirmed that she was.

“Leave me alone. For the love of the Goddess, give me peace tonight, creature. Wasn’t that piece of me you got earlier enough?”

His voice was harsh, and something in his tone bespoke bone-deep weariness. Cat stayed where she was, frozen, torn between guilt at having disturbed him and anger at being addressed this way when she’d met him for all of five minutes. She’d taken a piece of him? He made it sound as though she’d torn into him, purposely and maliciously, instead of just shaking his hand.

At least now she had her answer about whether he’d shared that intense moment back at the house with her.

The fur on the back of neck began to rise with her ire.

“Damn it, shadow,” Bastian snarled, whipping his head around to glare at her. “The way things are going, you’ll have me soon enough. Why can’t you just let me…”

The way his voice died in his throat should have told her he’d mistaken her for someone else, but it was too late for Cat’s wounded pride. All she saw was the fury written plain across his face when he turned, his eyes glowing blue in the moonlight, lips pulled back to reveal incisors that were long and deadly. He looked amazing. And his disgust was so strong that she could smell it.

A searing punch of lust was no balm for her feelings. Cat bared her teeth. Bastian an Morgaine didn’t have to like her. Bust she’d be damned if she’d let him treat her like this.

The Change came swiftly, as it always did when Cat was gripped by strong emotion. With a threatening growl, she leaped into the air as a Wolf and, with effortless grace, landed directly before Bastian as a woman.

A very, very pissed-off woman.

It was at least gratifying to see the way his mouth dropped open as she straightened, shaking her long hair back over her shoulders and facing him, hands on hips, wearing nothing but righteous anger.

“If you have anything else to say to me,” she snapped, “I’d prefer you do it to my face.”

Bastian’s eyes moved incredulously down the length of her and back up again, his gaze sparking a traitorous heat on every inch of skin it touched. She had to force herself to concentrate on the words that had infuriated her to this point, even as her nipples hardened in reaction to both the cool night air and Bastian’s thorough inspection of her naked form.

Cat simply raised an eyebrow, waiting for a reply and feeling more than a little smug. He might be an irritable, antisocial pain in the ass, but he wasn’t immune to the fact that she looked pretty damn good without her clothes on. It wasn’t fighting fair, she supposed, but all things considered, Cat had no qualms about using that to shut Bastian up.

And sure enough, his anger seemed to evaporate completely. Right along with his powers of speech.

Cat watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed, hard.

“Catriona?” His voice was little more than a ragged whisper, and the shock she heard in it was the first indication that all was not quite as it seemed.

“Oh, it’s not just ‘creature’ now, huh?” She glared up at him, daring him to provoke her further. But he didn’t seem inclined to do much except stare at her in awe.

“I,” he stammered, “I’m sorry…I didn’t realize it was you. I just assumed…that is…”

Cat pursed her lips. He really did look shocked. Just-about-knocked-on-his-ass shocked. She began to wonder if she’d been a little rash in the way she’d reacted. Not that she could do anything about it now. Getting into a naked argument with someone was hard to do over.

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