Masters of Seduction 2Boundless: House of Drohas (Masters of Seduction Vol. 2, Book 6) by Donna Grant


Synopsis: As Master of the House of Drohas, Javan has a personal stake in his family’s art business. The enigmatic Incubus has never embraced that duty more than when a beautiful and talented new artist catches his eye. The Drohas name and influence can help Naomi’s career, but she’s interested in Javan for a different reason. Believing him to be her sister’s killer, Naomi soon finds herself fighting an all-consuming desire for the dangerous man, and thrust into a world she never dreamed existed-a world of angels and demons, poised at the brink of a brewing war.

Review: This was a cute story and I liked the plot. It was passionate and romantic. But like Lara Adrian’s priceless, it was good until the last half page, then it got rushed and ended abruptly. Way before I wanted it to end. I wanted more. It was super short and I just wanted more. I have read two of the stories in volume two and I am thinking that I liked volume 1 more, though it has been a while since I read it.  Hopefully the next two are better than the first two.

No favorite quotes for this one.

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