Bella Media ManagementEmbrace The Night (Blood Rose, Book 5) by Caris Roane



He ignored his deepest needs for a hundred years…

Mastyr Vampire Jude has kept his distance from all women because he lost his wife and daughter to an enemy attack a hundred years ago. He won’t go through that kind of loss again. And he won’t jeopardize another woman’s life while the deadly Invictus wraith-pairs still pose a threat in the Nine Realms. But when Hannah saves his life by creating unexpected fire from the palms of her hands, he knows that something ‘very realm’ is going on with her and he can no longer ignore his long-suppressed desire for the beautiful owner of the Gold Rush bar. When his cravings for her blood and her body drive him to take her to bed and tap into her vein, his world shifts forever. But can Hannah make the adjustment to a life lived on the frontlines of an ongoing war? And if anything should happen to her, how could he ever live with himself?

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review.***

Review: Book 5 centers around Mastyr vampire Jude and the human Hannah. I liked this installment.  It was predictable and had the usual blood rose traits, but I enjoyed Jude and Hannah.  The plot moved smoothly and quickly.  It was an easy and enjoyable read.  Jude lost his wife and daughter about 100 years or so ago, and since then he has made the decision to not get involved with any woman in any sort of long term relationship. Hannah is a human woman who runs a bar and grew up around Realm Folk and Jude in particular. They have been friends the whole time and so they go into the change in their relationship with a bit of doubt about whether they should change their status.  Jude began hanging out more and more in Hannah’s bar and Hannah is running Jude’s communication center that has tied all of the parts of the realms together.  As they hangout, more and more, Hannah’s blood rose status awakens and she and Jude begin to find each other more and more attractive. They ignore their new attraction at first, but after a night where Jude is attacked outside Hannah’s bar and she comes to the rescue, they have an explosive night together.  Once they give in to their attraction things move quickly.  Hannah struggles with the fact that she doesn’t want a relationship and doesn’t want to change her way of life, but she can’t resist Jude.  She has loved him for a while, first as a friend and then as the man she loved.  Jude doesn’t want to get too close to Hannah but he also can’t resist her.

Margetta is up to her usual antics, but Hannah has a special and rare realm gift that helps her stand up and protect Jude from her.  At the end of the conflict, Hannah and Jude are forced to acknowledge their love for each other and what they want together.  When they bond, Jude is given the ability to fight Margetta and they succeed in yet another large battle against her and her Invictus pairs. I enjoyed their story and I look forward to book 6 🙂

Favorite Quote: A passionate moment between Hannah and Jude that I think summarizes their chemistry and her personality.  I call it “Mark Me”

When the last arrived, and Paul drew up the rear as he herded everyone into the living room, Jude held back. Once out of earshot, he turned to Hannah. “Did you have to touch at least half of them?”

Hannah had never been so surprised. “I like touching. And I only held back with the hugs because I could feel you bristling beside me.”

“Damn right I was bristling.”

But Hannah only laughed and kissed him on the mouth. “It’s nice to know I’m not the only one suffering here.”

“That’s not exactly the reaction I was looking for. I don’t like you touching other men.”

She wanted to chuckle again, but she could see that he was serious. And whatever weird realm creature she was becoming, she could tell that to keep laughing wouldn’t just wound his pride but would make him distrust her.

She recalled all the chatter on the loop about this one aspect of being a blood rose, that the men who bonded with their women, became rather ferocious in their territorial marking rites.

Something inside her went weak just thinking about it. She drew close and grabbed his woven shirt with both fists, pulling him down to her. But she wouldn’t let him kiss her. Instead, she whispered, “Any way you can mark me, vampire, so that other men will stay away?”

She wasn’t sure exactly what kind of response she’d been looking for, but he suddenly picked her up in his arms and flew her outside, onto the balcony, to a portion of the wall that would hide them from anyone inside.

He pressed her up against the stone and ground his hips into her. She felt his arousal and her legs lost function all over again.

He spoke hoarsely into her ear. “I’m going to mark you again and again, do you hear me? I’m going to fill you up so that no male, human or realm, will dare to touch you. Does that answer your question?”

He kissed her hard, so that her entire body just about melted into the stone behind her. What Jud could do to her with just a few words, the wonderful mass of his muscular frame, and his warm, moist lips.

She had that eternal sensation again of wanting to stay with Jude just like this, never moving, just being with him and feeling him, and having desire move like fire through her veins, forever.

Finally, he drew back, breathing hard. He held her gaze. “Part of me wants to apologize, but to hell with that. We’re in this, and you need to know everything, especially what it’s like for me.”

She grabbed his shirt again. “Jude, let’s make a pact right now not to apologize for anything that relates to this blood rose madness, okay? I know I’ll want to as well, but I think it’ll just make things more difficult.”

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