BearAttractionBear Attraction (Shifters Unbound, Book 6.5) by Jennifer Ashley


Synopsis: Walker and Rebecca’s story. A missing woman, thought to have been abducted by Shifters leads to deeper problems that Walker Danielson, the human liaison between Shiftertown and the Shifter Bureau must solve. Rebecca, the bear Shifter who volunteers to help him proves very distracting

Review: Walker and Rebecca’s story was sweet.  I liked their chemistry.  When they first met in a previous book, he was her captive. In this book, Rebecca does something to get herself into his custody and he enjoys the role-reversal. They are charged with finding Joanne’s missing sister Nancy. Along the way they come across a group of uncollared shifters and the chemistry between them heats up.  Walker is the kind of person who is blunt and speaks his mind, and he doesn’t hide the fact that when their mission is over they are going to get together. They do find the missing sister and they do hook up.  My only negative with this installment is how it ended.  It feels like it just ends abruptly. I would have loved to see what happened after Walker shows back up at the Den. I would like to have seen how Liam reacts to their mating and the role Walker might play being he is going to live there now.  I wanted to see the mating ceremony.  Something more.

Favorite Quotes 1: This is a humorous scene between Walker and Rebecca and Broderick. I call it “Innuendo”

“No might about it, Walker said. “We make it work, because we have no choice. Right now, we retrieve Joanne. Whatever else we find out is extra.”

Rebecca nodded. “You mean we focus.”

“Exactly.” Walker looked her straight in the eye. “One thing at a time. That way, everything important gets done.”

She met his gaze, understanding in her eyes. It didn’t matter that she was a Shifter, one of those beings he’d been trained to see as animals who happened to walk and talk. Rebecca was so much more, layers and layers of her that went deep down. She wasn’t one woman–she was many, and Walker wanted to learn about and touch every single one of them.

Rebecca swallowed, her hair moving in the breeze that had sprung up. Clouds were forming in the sky, so much the better. A cloud passed over the moon, blotting out the light, and Rebecca nodded.

“Let’s do this,” she said lightly. “So we can move on to the next thing.”

She and Walker shared a long look.

“Goddess,” Broderick grumbled. “Now they’re doing innuendo, right in front of me.”

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