the seducedThe Seduced (Rogues of Scotland, Book 4) by Donna Grant




For centuries, Innes MacKay’s family has been tasked with protecting a sleeping warrior prophesied to be the savior of their clan. From the moment Innes took over guardianship, the handsome Highlander became her closest confidant – and the object of her fantasies. When fate makes clan MacKay ripe for takeover, Innes wakes the man from his enchanted sleep ready to do whatever is necessary to save her people, even if it means never giving in to her heart.


Kept ageless and asleep for two hundred years, Daman Thacker wakes with no memory and no voice, his driving desire to find the woman who comforted him during his endless slumber. Her voice and touch seduced him, and now that he’s awake, he will do anything to find her and make her his. Unfortunately, helping her save her clan may require letting her go…

Review: It was the perfect conclusion to an enjoyable series. The pace of events felt natural, nothing felt rushed, and though it was around the same length as the other 3, it didn’t feel like it. It was a well told story, a true fairy tale. I enjoyed the characters, Innes and Daman.  They were enjoyable and complete characters.  They carried the story nicely and were never dull.  A lot had to get jammed into the 64(ish) pages, and out of all 4 books, this was my favorite.

Favorite Quote: The first time Innes and Daman give in to their attraction.

Innes finished the washing and dried her hands. She walked from the kitchen as Daman was coming out of the solar, his head swiveling as if he were looking for something.

As soon as he spotted her, he walked to her and took her hand. Excitement coursed through her when he laced his fingers with hers. She lifted her skirts with her free hand and followed him up the stairs all the way to the battlements. She sucked in a breath when the cold air hit her.

Daman turned to face her as he pulled her against him.  His heat enveloped her, wrapping them in a cocoon of warmth. He gently touched her face with first one hand, then the other.  One hand slid into her hair and around to the back of her head.  His gaze was intense, the desire palpable.

There were no words needed between them. The passion was too great, the need to forceful.

She rested her hands on his chest and wished that there were no clothes between them. She ached to be pressed skin against skin.  Everything she thought, everything she was centered upon Daman.

His eyes lowered to her mouth a heartbeat before he kissed her.

Innes wrapped her arms around his neck and melted into him.  It wasn’t a soft, learning kiss like the one from before. This one was full of fire and heat and longing. And her body responded instantly.

He deepened the kiss before she could right herself, sending desire pooling in her belly. Before Innes knew it, she was pressed against the battlement wall by Daman’s hard body.

She ran her hands over him, touching every part that she could. There wasn’t a part of him that was soft. Just steely muscle beneath her palms.

Her head dropped back as he kissed down her throat. Innes didn’t know such passion existed, but now that she did, there was no way she could marry another.

Cool air hit her legs a moment before Daman’s large hand hooked beneath her knee and yanked her leg up. Innes gasped at the feel of his hard arousal pressed against her.

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