The TemptedThe Tempted (Rogues of Scotland, Book 3) by Donna Grant

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Stefan Kennedy is cursed by a gypsy and sentenced to a prison of darkness and despair. A hell that only serves to feed the monster within. Unexpectedly released from his mystical cell, he’s engulfed by fury and overcome by a need for vengeance. Until a beautiful woman tames his inner beast. Stefan owes it to his friends to find out what happened to them after their run-in with the gypsy, but the mysterious and enchanting Morvan may be a temptation he can’t resist.


Morvan has always been a child of the forest. She spends her days using her gifts to calm and heal the animals she encounters. But when she finds herself compelled across clan borders to a mysterious cliff with a wall of strange etchings, she’s helpless to resist. Somehow, Morvan magically brings forth a stranger seemingly more beast than man, yet despite the inherent dangers, she’s driven to help the handsome Highlander. While his appearance in her life may end up shattering the peace she’s worked so hard to find, he could also prove to be the man of her dreams.

Review: A cute and sweet short story. This novella is 64 pages (Nook), so a whole story has to happen from beginning to end, so things moved quickly.  I do think I enjoyed Morcant and Leana’s story better (The Hunger, Book 3), but I couldn’t put this down till I read it from start to finish, so it is enjoyable to read. The only negative I found with it, was when love was mentioned the first time (which I knew had to come at some point). For Stephen I don’t think it should have happened as quickly as it did, he ends up acknowledging it so readily. I think I would have believed it more if he realized it when he saw Morvan in bed, sickly. His character’s background and his trouble with his anger made it hard to believe he would realize he loved her simply because he couldn’t leave the area (even though he tries several times to leave to hunt for his friends). Once he realizes he can’t leave Morvan at Ravensclyde, he acknowledges that he loves her. But in the end that is a small negative, the plot was enjoyable and I look forward to book 4.

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